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How to install solar energy panel?

KALIPSAN solar mounting systems solar construction fasteners and solar energy panel

Solar energy panel mounting; refers to the methods in which solar panels are fixed in place for a pitched roof, flat roof or terrain. Solar panel mounting allows for design flexibility, diverse aesthetics, and greater solar power generation.

Because each solar energy project is unique, it may not be possible to specify a single solar panel mounting system. For this reason, we have compiled the different types of solar panel mounting systems available for you.

Solar Panels for Pitched Roofs

Rooftop Solar Panels

The most common type of solar panel mounting is the rooftop system. Solar panels are fixed directly to the roof and are seen as a cost-effective solution. Because the panels are outside, rooftop solar panels are ideal for ventilation and optimum performance.

When installing a rooftop solar system, metal hooks are drilled directly into the roof rafters. In some cases it may involve the removal and replacement of some of the roof tiles.

The vertical rails go over the hooks to which your solar panels are clamped and a weatherproof seal is applied around the hooks for maximum protection.

Roof Solar Panels

Integrated solar panels on the roof are the ideal solution for new builds or anyone looking to renovate a property roof. Due to its stylish and aesthetic appearance, the roof system can be preferred. The solar panels appear flush with the rest of the roof. However, this causes less ventilation around the panels, resulting in 5-10% lower efficiency.

Flat Roof Solar Panel Systems

Flat roof solar energy systems refer to the installation of solar panels on an almost flat roof with an inclination of approximately 1-10 degrees.