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Our competence and experience in producing high-performance products are among the features that make us strong in this field. With our professional service understanding and after-sales services, we serve as a solution partner rather than an aluminum supplier in the sector.

  • To fully understand our customers’ requests and to meet them on time and accurately
  • Working flawlessly, efficiently and quickly
  • To adopt the concept of continuous improvement,
  • It is our duty to provide the necessary training to the employees.
  • Aimed to continuously increase the value of domestic and international sales and the number of customers. It has accepted the duty to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements.


All of our aluminum profile production for construction purposes, which we have produced for use all over the world, is offered to customers after successfully passing very difficult superior tests and completing the certification process. The preference of giant companies in the field, as Kalıpsan Alüminyum brand, in the panel frames of companies that produce panels and supply construction after completing the certification process, Kalıpsan Solar Aluminum and Kalıpsan Solar Energy offer products such as panel frame, clamp, rail profile, triangular foot, tile hook, adjustable tile hook.