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What are solar mounting systems?

solar mounting systems aluminum

Solar mounting systems (solar mounting systems); It is used to fix solar panels to various surfaces such as roofs, parking lots or terrain.

Solar mounting systems help hold solar panels or arrays in place and work as the support structure for the solar modules. Solar mounting systems are usually made of steel or aluminum supports that can hold solar panels in place under extreme loads from wind, snow and frost. There are different mounting systems such as rooftop and floor mounted systems; however, not every system may be suitable for your property.

What are the types of solar mounting systems?

Types of solar mounting systems may vary according to variations such as intended use, structure and installation area.

Rooftop solar mounting systems

Sloped roof solar mounting systems

Pitched roof solar mounting systems are commonly seen in residential buildings. Rail-based systems with multiple connection methods are offered for residential and commercial uses.

Flat roof solar mounting systems

Flat roof solar mounting systems are mainly used for buildings that usually have large and flat roofs, such as commercial or industrial buildings.

It is easy to install and often bends to maximize sun exposure.

Balasted and non-drilling systems

Ballasted and non-penetrating systems distribute their weight on the roof. Weight-based loading arrays are used to hold onto the roof.

These solar mounting systems use steel or aluminum making installation quick and easy.

Ground mounted solar systems

Ground-mounted solar systems are mostly used in undeveloped land (including landfills). They can also be used for residential areas but are not usually the first choice for homeowners.

These systems can be installed at any angle or orientation and are generally easier to install and maintain.

Standard floor connections

A metal frame that is hammered or screwed into the floor is used to hold the panels at a fixed angle.

Pole mounted solar energy systems

Pole-mounted solar systems include a single pole to raise multiple panels higher off the ground and allow it to tilt automatically to maximize sun exposure.

Carport mounting systems

Carport mounting systems are perfect for single or double row parking, as well as commercial and industrial parking lots. It can also be installed with EV charging stations.

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